Nepal Information

Nepal, the fabled land of Buddha, Hindu temples, and unrivaled mountain scenery, was controlled by a myriad of factions since the 4th century.The information on Nepal given below will serve as a guide to the tourists before they actually venture into the beautiful mountain kingdom of Nepal. The site will provide the tourists detailed information on the weather, climatic conditions, history, lifestyle, health, festivals and entertainment sources in Nepal. The modern Nepalese state began in the late 18th century when King Prithvi Narayah Shah successfully unified most of the individual ethnic groups and small principalities into one entity. In this poor country, the tourism industry was once a significant economic force, as backpackers, river rafters, mountain climbers and nature lovers trekked to Nepal in large numbers.For the most part, the on-going fighting between the Maoist insurgency and government forces has devastated much of its worldwide tourism base, and yet, it remains on the front burner of many adventure travelers, and certainly in the minds of all those who have previously ventured into Nepal.


Nepal at Glance
  • Name of the Country: Kingdom of Nepal
  • Area: 140,800 sq km
  • Population: 23 million (20001 census)
  • Capital City: Kathmandu
  • People: Hindus, Newars, Tibetans, Gurungs, Magars, Tamangs, Rais, Limbus, Sherpas
  • National Language: Nepali (Khaskura)
  • Other Languages: Awadhi, Newari, Hindi, Bahing, Limbu, Maithili, Mundari
  • Tourist Language: English
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Official Currency: Nepalese Rupee (NPR)
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